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Contract Terms

In/Out Service Contract Terms


  1. In/Out season is May 14* to September 19, although after Labor Day, we will close at dusk
    * Please view our COVID-19 Notice for updates regarding In/Out Service – Click HERE
  2. Boat may be taken in and out as many times as desired during day/season.
  3. Hours: Monday – Wednesday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Thursday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
    Friday & Saturday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
    Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
  4. We do not accept call-ahead requests for your boat to be on a wash rack or in the water. Boats are handled in a “first come, first served” basis.
    Cell # 616-638-0087
  5. If you are returning after regular hours and boat will be left overnight: Bring boat stern in, to within 20 feet and tie-up. If a boat is already there, tie-up in front of that boat and so on. Once the In/Out dock area is full please use hoist well or gas dock as overflow area. Do not use open slips.
  6. If you require either an after-hours launch or before-hours launch – your boat will be put in the water at our regular closing time and left tied up for you.
  7. BBW is not responsible for boating accessories (inflatable toys, etc.) Please see the operator for questions on location.
  8. If there is no operator in the area, please call the cell phone.
  9. If possible bring boat stern-in into haul-out well, leaving 20 ft between boat and sea wall.
  10. LEAVE DRIVE DOWN AND TRIM TABS UP. Barrett Boat Works is not responsible for damage if trim tabs are left down. Barrett’s is not responsible for antennas, Biminis, or transducers that are incorrectly positioned.
  11. Pool keys are available in the office for a deposit of $20, refundable after the season, or used year after year.
  12. If you do not store with BBW in the winter, the boat must be picked up by Sept. 27. We cannot guarantee the boat will be available after that date and may be blocked in.
  13. Wash racks are available with power and water.
  14. Please wash fish cleaning stations when done and double bag your remains. The fish dumpster is located down the alley between building 3 and 5. Please do not throw fish in any other dumpster!!
  15. Bathroom cleanliness is very important to us and to all marina guests. Everyone must do their part to keep things nice. Please inform operators if you have any concerns.
  16. Transient slips are available for $35 per night for In/Out service customers. Please register at the office for your slip assignment.
  17. Loading boat on trailer is no charge for FIRST TIME ONLY! Each time thereafter will be $50. We can retrieve your trailer from trailer storage with at least 24-hour notice. There are no trailer pick-ups during the weekend.
  18. Outside trailer storage is $250 per season. Inside trailer storage is temporarily unavailable. If you leave your trailer here make sure that your name is on the winch post and you let the office know.

Barrett’s is a family oriented marina that is focused on an enjoyable experience for all its guests. To achieve this, we expect everyone to conduct themselves in a manner deemed appropriate to all family members. A failure to comply with this basic order of conduct may result in immediate expulsion from the marina without refund.